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  1. Michael says:

    Pls upload AHS in 1080p bluray, thank you.

  2. Smallville 1080p says:

    Can you please add Smallville 1080p? it’s amazing show and it’s released in 1080p, name of this release is smallville.s01e01.pilot.1080p.amzn.web-dl.ddplus2.0.x264-oki

  3. Jake Stearn says:

    White Famous, 1080p would be amazing if you have it.

  4. jairmello says:

    Hi. I’m back.
    Please, if possible, upload the series
    “The Twilight Zone” 01-05 (1959)
    and “Nashville” Seasons 05 and 06.

    Can’t die without watch this seasons.


  5. Gustavo Israel Vilchis Reyna says:

    ยฟCan you upload Scorpion?

  6. omar says:

    Hey bluecity,

    I hope i do not bother you, but do you have a 1080p version of Corner Gas TV Series (2004โ€“2009)

  7. Philip says:

    A few months back I requested the upload for the show Medici: The Magnificent it’s the 2nd season the 1st season was called Medici: Masters of Florence. I’ve periodically checked for it but I’ve never found it. I know how busy you are regularly and this was during the holidays so I can only imagine how busy you were but I’m hoping you might be able to find the time to do it soon. Lastly, I don’t know if this helps but it became available on Netflix on the 26th of this month. Thanks again for your hard work it doesn’t go unappreciated.

  8. Philip says:

    Can you please upload Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 2160p I’ve been told that the group called DEFLATE has released the season in 2160p

  9. Philip says:

    Can you please upload Medici: The Magnificent aka Medici: Masters of Florence Season 2 1080p.
    Thank you,

  10. Eddie says:

    Can you upload Blackish

  11. Please uplod Merlin S01-S05

  12. Philip says:

    I hope this is the place to submit my request to have the links to the show human target season 1& 2 re-upped. They are all dead, they were originally hosted on datafile but if it’s easier for you to use a different hoster that’s cool. They were in 720p but if it’s possible to get them in 1080p that would be great but it’s an old show so I understand if it has to be 720p. I tried posting this request twice in the comment section for the show but I never received a response from you & you are always really good at responding quickly. I’m not sure if you didn’t get them or if I didn’t get your response or if you’re just really busy. I truly appreciate the quality work you do here but I am new to your site so I hope posting my request here isn’t against protocol. Thank you & regardless of your answer I look forward to your response.

    • blue1city says:

      Hi Philip.Thank you for your interest in the site.Human target 1080p not released.720p uploading.

      • Philip says:

        Awesome! Thank you! I really appreciate you responding so quickly. I remember when this show first aired and I watched the first few episodes on tv but I had alota of personal stuff going on at the time so I wasn’t able to keep up with it. A few months ago I stumbled on to it again and got excited to watch it but it wasn’t on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon and every site I found the ads were almost as long as the episode and were only in 480p which is barely watchable. Basically what I’m trying to get at is thank you. Thank you for quality thank you for not bombarding me with ads and thank you for providing this site at no charge you truly are for the people which is a rarity in the world today.

  13. Jacques says:

    Hi- any chance of uploading Hot in Cleveland? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. musicman1958 says:

    looking for download link for tv show Cheers all seasons 1080p

  15. Bluelike says:

    Hey thanks for friends series with fabulous quality, unfortunately most of links are dead. Could you re-up please.

  16. Paul says:

    I’m looking for:


    There are a few torrents out there that are not being seeded. I’m not sure this request falls under the guidelines, but I thought I’d ask. Thank you.

  17. Yolo says:

    Please Re-up Portlandia links for seasons 1 & 2. I cannot find HD anywhere else. And thanks for all the awesome uploads! Long Live Blue1City!

  18. Dushyant Sharma says:

    Hy, please upload Lost In Space Season 1 2018

  19. Tom says:

    Thanks i love your site. It is very nice and i almost use it daily.

    Could you please if i may ask upload the series Gone 2017.

    All releases from

    There should be 12 episodes.

  20. jocker says:

    Banshee S02 – S03 720p Bluray

  21. Delena says:

    Hi, blue1city:

    Can you please upload: Mike & Molly S01-06 720p and Will & Grace S01-08 720p? Greetings!

  22. Ashley Ram says:

    Can you upload the Chicago series(Chicago Fire, Chicago MD and Chicago PD)

  23. Scotty says:

    Fixer Upper, please!

  24. Cali says:

    please upload seasons of Mike & Molly in 720p.

  25. CB says:

    Please upload seasons of Mythbusters in 720p or 1080p?

  26. Veronica says:

    Could you upload “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” in HD if possible?

  27. Broum says:

    Please upload The bridge (2013) s01 and s02 bluray 720p or 1080p

  28. Jair Mello says:

    Please, upload “Nashville” seasons 4 and 5.
    Thank you.

  29. bob says:

    please upload martial law the complete collection would love to see it

  30. Damon says:

    F is for family 1080p please

  31. Claire says:

    If you could get Gossip Girl on here that would be amazing!

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Gutemberg Maia says:

    Please, One Tree Hill all links are dead.

  33. Tom says:

    Can you please re up links to Rules of Engagement. Thanks!

  34. Lisban Osorio says:

    Most of the shows say that all the series links are being re uploaded. Is this going to happen or did you have an issue?


  35. Michael says:

    Please upload the first season of Feud in 1080p!

  36. enirak says:

    nashville please?

  37. Sabrina says:

    Can you please upload: Will & Grace S01-S08. From already thanks. Have nice day.

  38. Jamon says:

    Could you please upload the first three seasons of Fuller House in 1080p??

  39. nishant says:

    Please upload tyrant season 1,2,3 in 720p webdl

  40. Alan says:

    Also, missing episodes

    NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 2 720p web-dl

    & can you finish off season 8 missing episodes 17-24 720p web-dl

    thank you

  41. Alan says:

    Hello, can you please re-up NCIS: Los Angeles
    Season 3 Episode 18 720p web-dl as datafile link is dead…. thank you

  42. Az89 says:

    Some series I’d like to see here —
    Lost Girl

    Thanks for doing this though. In any case.
    Great having a site like this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. suli says:

    can you please re-upload Nurse Jackie.

    thanks in advance.

  44. Zara says:

    Could you please upload all the seasons of Ugly Betty?

  45. Amna Subhan says:

    chicago pd season 2 please and thank you!

  46. jeresalover1234 says:

    Queen of the South season’s 1 & 2

  47. Gaz says:

    Any chance you could upload Merlin with Colin Morgan?

  48. toblakai says:

    Please complete:
    The Big Bang Theory S10 and Better Call Saul S03?

    Thanks in advance

  49. Michael says:

    Criminal Minds Season 4 Episode 25 link is gone not working.Could you reupload it please ?

  50. booi'maghost says:

    can you please upload channel zero s01 720p amzn webrip?
    it’s just 6 episodes and i cannot find working links anywhere! ๐Ÿ™

  51. bob says:

    hi can you upload Crossing Jordan,martial law, renegade

  52. lee says:

    Could you please upload the complete Heartland series (season 1-9) in 720p Bluray?

  53. Xavier says:

    Please re-upload The Borgias 720p links. All are dead links now. And please consider uploading all seasons of Merlin. Thank you very much!

  54. Reese Jenner says:

    Here’s a list I’d like to request:

    Star Wars Rebels
    Star Trek Voyager
    Dreamworks Dragons
    Marvels Agents Of Shield

    Hopefully some of that is manageable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. whatup6755 says:

    Hi can you upload saving hope

  56. Mamad Mamad says:

    if u have this list i buy
    Project Runway Junior
    Xtreme Waterparks
    What’s In The Barn*
    The Great Food Truck Race
    The Almost Impossible Game Show
    Team Ninja Warrior
    Food Network Star Kids
    Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge
    Secret Eats With Adam Richman
    Last Squad Standing
    Kids Baking Championship

  57. jay says:

    Could you please re-up Glee?

  58. Mateusz Kontny says:


    Please upload Bloodline i would highly apriciete.


  59. Edgar says:

    Please the strain

  60. Rรฉmy WEINBERG says:

    Do you have all seasons of Archer in 720p please ?

  61. qeen says:

    Hi, can you guys upload Private Practice all seasons? Very much appreciated.

  62. Abdulelah says:

    The 6th season of “Suits” will be coming back in few weeks.

    Would you please consider uploading the first 9 episodes for now?

  63. Pando says:

    Please star trek the next generation all seasons in 1080p

  64. blue1city says:

    The Grand Tour Tv shows.Not tv series.

  65. Rajiv says:

    Could you please upload “The Grand Tour” episoded in 720p and 1080p episode wise please?

    Would highly appreciate it.


  66. enirak says:

    Would have a chance to provide Chicago PD 720p? Thanks.

  67. Brian says:

    Could you upload The Man in the High Castle?

  68. Limitless99 says:

    If you happen to have the completed seasons of “Mom”, please consider uploading them.

  69. Anon_75 says:

    Dear blue1city,

    Is there any chance of uploading “Family Guy”?
    I search far and wide for a decent quality…
    Does this serie excist in a HD version?
    Thank you in advance.

  70. Arun N says:

    Kindly upload Baby Daddy s1, s2 1080p web-DL. Thank you.

  71. Xifar says:

    Can you upload Rome 1080p please?

  72. Xander says:

    Thanks for uploading The O.C.


    Been asked for a strange request by my wife.
    Could you get Dawson’s Creek?

    Don’t think any episodes have ever been released in HD though.

  73. Arun N says:

    Kindly upload My Name Is Earl 720p WEB-DL or BluRay

  74. SC says:

    Any chance you could upload Gilmore Girls
    in 720p WEB-DL? Thanks.

  75. Mujahid says:

    Please could you upload gossip girl in 720p WEB-DL

  76. Naz says:

    I would appreciate it so much if you could please upload The Goldbergs S01. Thank you.

  77. Paul says:

    Please Can you upload witches of east season 2 720 Web DL

  78. Kirsten says:

    Could you please upload the series “Glue” 720p HDTV or WEB DL if they have it

  79. jabi says:

    Could you upload Gossip GIrl and CSI Miami? Thank you.

  80. SC says:

    Please could you upload Blue Bloods and The Good Wife

  81. Lester Bradley says:

    Please upload Legend of the Seeker 720p

    • Lester Bradley says:

      and also criminal minds S04 and grey’s anatomy S07, please upload the Blu-ray instead of HDTV

      • blue1city says:

        Criminal Minds S04 720p Bluray Not released.
        Greys Anatomy S07 720p Bluray Not released.
        Greys Anatomy S07 WEB-DL added.

  82. Arun N says:

    Please upload Whose Line Is It Anyway US Season 8, 9, 10
    Thank you for your fantastic ups. Big fan.
    IMDB tt163507

  83. Jessica says:

    Could you upload Raising Hope 1-4 Web DL 720p or 1080p and What I like about you s1-s4 in 108p or 720p?

  84. Troy says:

    Can you add an HBO show –> Oz (1997-2003) in 720 or 1080p ?

  85. Troy says:

    Can you add FX show –> The Shield (2002-2008) in 720 or 1080p ?

  86. LEE says:

    Marvelโ€™s Daredevil S01 Complete Season 720p WEBRip DD5.1 x264 NTb

  87. dabithamid says:


  88. Remy says:

    Hello, I’m looking for the first season of “Murder in the first” in 720p.

  89. Xifar says:

    Could you upload The Mentalist Season 7?

  90. Dan187 says:

    Can you upload Boardwalk Empire in 1080p bluray please?

  91. Ibrahim Kholilullah says:



  92. ironman says:

    Can you upload Homeland s04 720p please

  93. Jason says:

    How about any seasons of the nbc series Las Vegas in 720p or 1080p? I know it was originally aired in 1080 I just can’t seem to find any episodes in HD. Thanks

  94. Chris says:

    Can you upload Arrow 1080p please?

  95. Xifar says:

    Can you upload Les Revenants (The Returned) in 1080p bluray or 720p bluray?

  96. Xander says:

    The O.C please
    I don’t think you can get 720p or above of Season 1 but you can definitely get seasons 2-4 in 720p web-dl.

  97. Lee says:

    The Nine Lives of Chloe King Season 1 please! 720p web dl

  98. Jason says:

    George Lopez complete series in 720p/1080p web-dl would be great. Its available on iTunes but I cant find it anywhere else. Thanks for any help

  99. Xifar says:

    Could you upload Malcolm In The Middle?

  100. PH says:

    do you have Vietnam in HD 720p Bluray? Thanks!

  101. Mark says:

    Adventure Time S01 – S04 Bluray 720p or 1080p please!

  102. brad2125 says:

    can you get gi joe

  103. George says:

    HI could you please upload Goldbergs (2013) in 720p Web-dl. Thanks in advance!

  104. Jimmy Wild says:

    Dear uploader, would be so grateful if you could upload the HBO’s series “Tell Me You Love” (starring Ian Somerhalder, TimDeKay) Season 1 in 720p.

    I find just for streaming and I can’t do the download. Here:

    Thanks !

  105. Xifar says:

    Could you upload “Chicago Fire” Bluray?

  106. Bluecity Fan says:

    dude,i dont have a request right now,

    just wanted to thank you for the 70s show collection, i bought a premium and downloaded the whole thing,thank you for all your effort,i luv this show, Yeeaa : )

  107. whatup6755 says:

    can you upload Unforgettable season 1-3 in 720p web

  108. Bangarang says:

    Modern Family S01-S05 in 1080p Bluray?


  109. Remy says:

    Hi, can you please upload Portlandia, season 1 to 4 in 720p ?
    That would be terrific, thanks !

  110. Xifar says:

    Hey! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Could you upload 24 Season 1-8 in 1080p?

  111. ironman says:

    Hi there can you please upload family guy… would love to have the complete collection. thanks in advance

  112. Can you upload Curb Your Enthusiasm?

  113. brandon says:

    Can you upload Greek seasons 1-4 please.

  114. tjphuhs says:

    Can you upload the new Game of Thrones episodes weekly please?

  115. whatup6755 says:

    Can you upload The Messengers

  116. tjphuhs says:

    Can you upload Caprica please.

  117. brandon says:

    Blue Mountain State 1-3

  118. jack says:

    Hi thanks for all of your uploads if can would you please upload ‘OZ’ Series too?

  119. tjphuhs says:

    Sorry for all the requests but can you please upload Common Law??? Thanks in advance.

  120. daniel says:

    Could you upload Battlestar Galactica COMPLETE, please?

  121. tjphuhs says:

    Can you upload lie to me please?

  122. tjphuhs says:

    Can you upload attack on titan (Dual Audio) please?

  123. Random_Saint says:

    Not an exact “request” per say.
    However, for future the could you please upload 1080p when it’s available?
    I noticed you upload 720p and later post 1080p when someone asks. (like heroes)
    The problem is I don’t know if 1080p is released for every series, and I don’t want to bother you by asking every time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. whatup6755 says:

    Can you upload Man Vs Wild please

  125. Remy says:

    Can you upload Louie in 720p ? The seasons 1 to 4.
    Thank you very much.

  126. tjphuhs says:

    Can you upload Brickleberry please?

  127. Slim says:

    You can upload Men at work s03 1080p webdl or Bluray ? please

  128. PH says:

    Could you upload Heroes, House of Cards and Supernatural in 1080p Bluray?

  129. tjphuhs says:

    Can you upload ‘Wilfred’ please?

  130. Xifar says:

    Hey, could you upload “Law & Order: SVU” please?

  131. Jeffrey Iliffe says:

    can u plz upload scrubs 1080p preferably or 720p?

  132. tjphuhs says:

    Can you please upload Tosh.O?

  133. Remy says:

    I’m looking for the TV serie Treme in 720p HDTV or BluRay.
    That would be terrific.

  134. Ana says:

    The Class 2006 (CBS) on 720p please?

  135. BeGee says:

    Penny Dreadful blue ray 1080p please

  136. tjphuhs says:

    Can you upload Anthony Bourdain No Reservations?

  137. Paul says:

    Do you think you could get the first 5 seasons of Republic of Doyle?

    Republic of Doyle S01 1080p WEB-DL AAC2.0 H.264-BS
    Republic of Doyle S02 1080p WEB-DL AAC2.0 H.264-BS
    Republic of Doyle S03 1080p WEB-DL AAC2.0 H.264-BS
    Republic of Doyle S04 1080p WEB-DL AAC2.0 H.264-BS
    Republic of Doyle S05 1080p WEB-DL AAC2.0 H.264-BS

    Thanks, either way!

  138. Jeffrey Iliffe says:

    Hey, can you please upload fringe complete (Season 1-5) 1080p if available or 720p if no 1080p available

  139. Gorke07 says:

    Person Of Interest S01 MULTi COMPLETE BLURAY-FULLSiZE(untouched)
    Can you upload it do? Out of nowhere.

  140. John says:

    Can you upload please all seasons of Rules of Engagement


  141. abbas says:

    can you upload “Alarm fรผr Cobra 11 โ€“ Die Autobahnpolizei”
    it will be great if they have both german and English audio.

  142. Red says:

    720p Friday Night Lights Full series? Thank you!

  143. ultranate says:

    Might it be possible to post Revenge Season 3 WEB-DL 1080p, and Revenge S01-S02 720p or 1080p, whichever is available released on blu-ray? If you can find a release in DTS 5.1 would be great, but I understand if you cannot. I would be most appreciative. You have a great site here bluecity, thank you for all you do here.

  144. Lee says:

    Jane by Design Season 1 and The Nine Lives of Chloe King Season 1. WEB-DL or Blu ray please!

  145. Bobby J says:

    Can you add the 1080p for the shows “Rush” (US)? Great show but haven’t been able to find it anywhere!


  146. Jeffrey Iliffe says:

    Would be so grateful if you could upload fringe season 1-5 1080p (if no 1080p available then 720p) btw thanks for all you guys do, these high quality series are just too awesome. now just hoping to get my fav series of all time ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. Alain says:

    Switched at Birth Season 1 2 and 3 WEB-DL good 480p quality preferably 720p!(if 720p episodes are like 300 or 400/500 mb)

  148. Alain says:

    Switched at Birth Season 1 2 and 3 WEB-DL good 480p quality if possible 720p!

  149. ibra says:

    please Sons of Anarchy S07 BluRay

  150. Poopsicle says:

    Any chance of Lost S01-S06 in 1080p Bluray – scene releases?

  151. Junaid Jamshed says:

    Hello! I would like to request, if available, the 2011 movie X-Men: First Class in 1080p. If you can, I would prefer a version that has the subtitles hardcoded in the file. Appreciate it.

  152. Hua Mulan says:

    Is there any way you could upload The Avengers (2012) in either one of these 2 qualities: “The Avengers 2012 1080p Bluray X264 DTS – 3.98 GB”, OR, “The Avengers 2012 BRRip 720p x264 AAC-KiNGDOM” which is 2.48GB? These two versions have hardcoded subs for the foreign parts. Thanks a mill! And if not these, then any quality of this movie 720p/1080p that has hardcoded subtitles, I would really & truly appreciate it. Godspeed!

  153. Bangarang says:

    Can you re-upload Breaking Bad S01-S05 in 1080p Blu-ray? Current links are dead.

  154. tjphuhs says:

    Can you put up Royal Pains and Stargate Universe

  155. H20 says:

    could you please upload king of queens season-4-9 720p

  156. Axel says:

    I beg you : please, could you upload Grey’s Anatomy season 3 to 7 (720p) with Uplea or Uptobox ??

    PLEASE !

    I know that you already uploaded with Datafile but it is too slow ! (5h for one download)

    If you do upload that show with Uplea or Uptobox, omfg I will thank you for ever !
    (I can’t find this show in 720p and I looked absolutely EVERYWHERE !)

  157. Alyssa says:

    Could you upload the tv show “Bunheads” in 720p web dl, or just 720p if there is no web dl? ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. Simo says:

    Twin peaks s01-s02 1080p bluray

    Thanks you very much!

  159. Zen says:

    Do you have maybe Damages 720p WEB-DL/BluRay? I have only S02 and S04 WEB-DL. The rest is hard to get. I would be very grateful if you could upload this series.

  160. Anirudh says:

    Will you upload Packed to the Rafters in 720p anytime soon?
    I know; no Blu-Ray disc was ever released, but STAR World HD aired it in HD, so maybe there is a HDTV or a WEB-DL version or something.
    By the way, really great job you have done here ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. James says:

    Could you please upload “Get over it (2001)” movie in 720p or 1080p quality ? Thanks in advance

  162. Bangarang says:

    Do you have Outlander S01 in 1080p WEB-DL? I can’t find it anywhere. =(

  163. iTod says:

    Hi there – do you have any Doctor Who in 1080 beyond the first four seasons you’ve posted?

  164. mrorlog says:

    Please, can you upload Sherlock and The Fall in 1080p Bluray?

  165. Jimmy Wild says:

    Dear blue1city uploader,
    you could upload “Partners” (2012, starring Brandon Routh) in 720p?
    Just few 13 episodes…

    Thanks a lot !

  166. John Smith says:

    American Horror Story (S01-S03)

  167. iTod says:

    Hi there – love the site! Any chance of Supernatural in 1080?

  168. K1 says:

    My Request, encode Reba complete Series?
    Thank you so much.

  169. Dave says:

    How about Eureka Complete Bluray & Dead Like Me complete 720p web-dl

  170. Dany says:

    Hello, I wonder where is Californication Season 07 TV Series?
    My Request, Could you please upload Californication Season 07?
    Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. Zen says:

    Could you please upload House Of Cards S01-S02 720p BluRay to datafile? Upstore links are dead.

  172. Alyssa says:

    I was wondering if you could upload skins uk, specifically season 4 in a 720p web dl if possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. Carrie says:


    I just wanted to request – if possible, if you could upload Dragon Ball Z (the English TV series)…in any type of good quality; all I find everywhere is horrible quality for this show. So, I mean, whatever you can: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT. If not, I understand. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bluecity says:

      Dragon Ball 720p not released.

      • Carrie says:

        Wow, I didn’t realize that. You mean, Dragon Ball – the first series (like, the one that comes before Dragon Ball Z), or like the whole show (Ball, Z and GT)? But in any case, I appreciate everything else you’re uploading – I really do. Thank you!

      • Carrie says:

        Sorry to keep pestering like this (I promise, I’m done after this – and if this isn’t possible or can’t be done, no worries – really, I understand. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wanted to make sure and try everything I could lol). But I was looking around and I found – like, I believe they have all 9 seasons of Dragon Ball Z (not Dragon Ball, or Dragon Ball GT though) in 720×480 quality, which isn’t that bad considering… Oh yeah, and I also found this ๐Ÿ™‚ – Season 1 in 1080p, but I don’t know if this is available online

        Anyways, thanks again.

  174. bob obie says:

    The unit S01 are too large for free download. How about split files or even better a much better file host like mega or hugefiles which don’t have file size limits.

  175. Jimmy Wild says:

    “Dallas”, Season 2 and Season 3, WebDL 720 or 1080p, please.
    Congrats for the beautiful job !

  176. Bruno says:

    I’m looking for:


    If you could provide mega, rapidgator or uploaded links for these, i appreciate.
    Thanks in advance!

  177. Ticker says:

    Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

    Southland S01-05 links are dead. Could we expect a repost ?
    Thanks in advance


  178. Stu says:

    Frasier Web-DL please!

  179. Xu says:

    Hi, the links to The Following S01 and S02 are dead..pls help fix. Also, could not find the rest of Once Upon A Time S03 links…

    Many thanks!!

  180. saixfire says:

    Pls make this video available “marvel studios: assembling a universe”

  181. saixfire says:

    Boss Cn U try do include this Video/movi/documentary “Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe”

  182. breanna says:

    Raising hope seasons 1-3, please? :))

  183. Hacko says:

    Hello could you please reupload the simpsons complete ?? what’s the matter with oteupload and why do you change filehosters ?? and i have a seedbox and i think i could help you with your work !! Please respond !!

    • bluecity says:

      Oteupload closed.

      The Simpson S01-S12-S17-S18-S19 720P not released.


      The Simpsons S23 720p WEB-DL DD5 1 H264-CtrlHD
      The Simpsons S24 720p HDTV x264 DIMENSION

      Dizzcloud on upload.If you want to.

  184. Bhen says:

    Hi can you please upload Smallville Bluray :)on FileParadox. thanks

    • bluecity says:

      Fileparadox problem.I do not do anymore upload.

      Dizzcloud on upload.If you want to.

      Season 1 MKV / h.264 / WEB-DL / 720p
      Season 2 MKV / h.264 / WEB-DL / 720p
      Season 3 MKV / h.264 / WEB-DL / 720p
      Season 4 MKV / h.264 / WEB-DL / 720p
      Season 5 MKV / x264 / HDDVD / 720p / P2P
      Season 6 MKV / x264 / Bluray / 720p / P2P
      Season 7 MKV / x264 / Bluray / 720p / Scene
      Season 8 MKV / x264 / Bluray / 720p / Scene
      Season 9 MKV / x264 / Bluray / 720p / Scene
      Season 10 MKV / x264 / Bluray / 720p / Scene

  185. John says:

    Numb3rs series. Thanks!!

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