Game of Thrones S05 1080p 720p WEB-DL (Weekly Update)

Season 05, Episode 04 – ”Sons of the Harpy”
Jaime and Bronn sneak into Dorne by sea, but their arrival isn’t the secret they’d hoped it would be. Meanwhile, Sansa discusses her future with Littlefinger; Jon is tempted by Melisandre; and Tyrion has a new traveling companion on his way to Meereen.


Modern Family S06 1080p 720p WEB-DL (Weekly Update)

Season 06 , Episode 23 – “Crying Out Loud”
Claire gets a job offer from a big hotel chain, but can’t tell if Jay wants her to take it or keep working for him. Meanwhile, Phil, Haley and Luke are more interested in Alex’s senior “ditch day” than she is; and Manny is dopey from pain killers after having his wisdom teeth pulled, so Gloria seizes the opportunity to get rid of his new girlfriend.


Supernatural S10 1080p 720p WEB-DL (Weekly Update)

Season 10, Episode 22 – ”The Prisoner”
Dean decides to take matters into his own hands when it comes to the Stynes; and Sam tries to come to terms with his decision.


The Following S03 1080p 720p WEB-DL (Weekly Update)

Season 03 , Episode 15 – “The Reckoning”
In the series finale, the FBI’s hunt for Theo intensifies as some of their own are attacked, suspicions mount, alliances crumble and no one appears safe.


Community S06 1080p 720p WEB-DL (Weekly Update)

Season 06, Episode 10 –  “Basic RV Repair and Palmistry”
As they take a road trip to get rid of a Greendale artifact, Abed manages to turn a situation into a film.


The Blacklist S02 1080p 720p WEB-DL

An FBI fugitive, Raymond “Red” Reddington (Spader), joins the FBI in an attempt to work together and bring down criminals and terrorists. After their first victory, a list of dangerous but unknown criminals is revealed by Red. With the help of a rookie FBI profiler, Red will work to eliminate all those in “The List”.


NCIS S12 1080p 720p WEB-DL

From Donald P. Bellisario comes NCIS, a show bringing us the inner workings of the government agency that investigates all crimes involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel, regardless of rank or position. From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, these special agents traverse the globe to investigate all crimes with Navy or Marine Corps ties.


Mad Men S07 1080p 720p BluRay WEB-DL

It’s New York in the 1960s, and the men and women who work at the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency are some of the top names in the industry. Master manipulator and leading ad man Don Draper is at the top of his game, but there are those who want to see him topple down.


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